Sustainable Development

As a first class city, OP needs to maintain its potential for economic development and growth while taking into consideration how development impacts our communities and environment long-term. Large and small businesses should both be supported and encouraged by public policy. We need to promote development with policies that are transparent, sustainable and equitable.


Inclusion, Engagement, & Accessibility

Overland Park is more diverse than many believe it to be, yet our local government does not reflect this diversity. We need to welcome more voices and perspectives in our city government. Throughout my career as an educator I have served and advocated for under-represented communities. I will bring that experience and passion to Overland Park to welcome, engage, and equip more citizens to be involved in our community.


Transparency & Accountability

For many these are hot topics, but they need not be. All city employees should be held to high expectations of transparency and accountability. OP residents deserve to know how and where their tax dollars are being collected and spent. Honest and fair service to our community should guide decisions and policy.


Environmental Sustainability

Now more than ever we need to protect our environment. Overland Park has programs in place to promote using already existing outdoor spaces, landscaping that incorporates native plants, and the use of items such as rain barrels. We must continue to develop and encourage the use of these programs in order to ensure that OP continues to be a beautiful city for generations to come.